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Are Audiences Loving the Dark Side?

Are movie going audiences going dark ’cause they like it? Sampling the more successful or well received genre movies of the last few years there appears a tangible trend towards the dark, toward characters with a disturbing underbelly who we nonetheless root for, a draw to dire plot lines that wrench free from the confines … Continue reading

Islands of Light [Part 2]

Be sure to read Part 1 for the full story from the beginning. The melange of echoes faded escaping the tunnel the way he’d come. Barrow stopped, listening for the man to give himself away, a breath, a misstep. He inched a step further, then one more, a metal clamor broke free from his last step, a … Continue reading

Islands of Light [Part I]

His lantern barely repelled the darkness but Barrow was obligated to keep going. He’d caught the man in the act and having given pursuit this far he couldn’t bring himself to turn round now, not when the suspect’s fleeing steps still echoed from the black. He adjusted his bowler, tightened his fist around the billy’s … Continue reading

Routine Chance

He looked like Marlin Brando in The Wild One in that hardened, black leather, motorcycle jacket that creaked when he moved but his blue skin and hairless head didn’t make the cut. Neither did the hissing, white-faced monkey scurrying back and forth across his shoulders for that matter. Roger couldn’t understand what the stranger said … Continue reading

A Dozen Word Story

_________________ They came to burn our skies. We amassed in the deep… waiting. _________________ _________________ _______________________________ Follow on Twitter & Facebook

Might’ve been…

Standing there, she wasn’t sure why she went inside. Something about the house, could’ve been the color it was painted, brick red with white trim, or was it the flowers all arranged on a mound in the front yard, muddled with overgrowth now. Might’ve touched a memory. She couldn’t say. Whatever it was it brought … Continue reading

Could “Mundane Science Fiction” Neuter Classic SciFi?

Has today’s science fiction finally been tamed by physics? Did that pesky phrase, “scientific plausibility” grab ahold and rein in imagination? Well, perhaps that’s taking it half a parsec too far. But the moniker this literary sci-fi movement is saddled with, “mundane science fiction” does conjure up notions of flaccid creativity. While there are numerous … Continue reading

Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (There be spoilers here!)

To mark today’s DVD & Blue-ray release of Star Trek Into Darkness, I am reposting my original review of the film along with new and updated video links. The latest incarnation of Star Trek is in one word, “WOW”. Another would be orgasmic. No, not in that way. Orgasmic, in a Trekkie way. The sequel to the … Continue reading

TARDIS in newly discovered Van Gogh?

Is this the TARDIS in the background of the recently discovered Vincent Van Gogh painting, Sunset at Montmajour, identified by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam? Scenes from “Vincent and the Doctor“ _______________________________ Follow on Twitter & Facebook

Laundromat of Horrors

It sits within a cusp of space and time. It exists in service as a way-station, a dumping ground, a collection galley. It’s where supernatural horrors reside and are retrieved when needed. It’s where ghosts, UFO’s, gremlins and sixth dimensional dinosaurs – that cats see from time to time – come to play until they … Continue reading

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