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The Shut Window [Flash Fiction]

The product of a 10 minute, impromptu, Twitter writing prompt… “She heard a scream and opened/closed the window“. The Shut Window   She shut the window upon hearing the scream. She knew what it was, who it was. There was nothing she could do. There was never anything she could do, not against him. But it … Continue reading

In the Raven’s Eye

He strode up the small hill, a breeze turning the high grasses into rolling waves, swells sent across the sweeping expanse of the veldt all around him. Surprised at even being here, he was one hill rise away from the place he first read about in a creased and crumpled issue of The Saturday Evening … Continue reading

The Third Choice

He opened his eyes, felt the cushioned crunch of pine needles under him. The trees rose into a entwined lattice above eclipsing much of the sky to him. Lying mingled in the acrid scents of the pines and rich earth he felt accosted by both almost tasting each on his tongue. His hand rose to … Continue reading

Routine Chance

He looked like Marlin Brando in The Wild One in that hardened, black leather, motorcycle jacket that creaked when he moved but his blue skin and hairless head didn’t make the cut. Neither did the hissing, white-faced monkey scurrying back and forth across his shoulders for that matter. Roger couldn’t understand what the stranger said … Continue reading

Obligation [Short fiction]

The sword hung from his hand, its tip buried in the earth. Chest heaving under his breastplate, breath misting before his blood streaked face, he lingered over the armored figure cast face down, deep in the mud where it had fallen. The deed was done. . . . _______________________ I’ve been reading and watching Game … Continue reading

A Dozen Word Story

_________________ They came to burn our skies. We amassed in the deep… waiting. _________________ _________________ _______________________________ Follow on Twitter & Facebook

Afterlife [Flash Fiction 3 of 3]

Afterlife “It’s haunted,” Peter said. His brother slugged his shoulder, “She said it’s not.” The priest glared admonishments upon them. She stomped from the house bedraggled and equipment burdened, passed the audience at the sidewalk to her car. “The house is most certainly not haunted,” she said, distracted, packing cases carefully away. The priest studied … Continue reading

For Better or Worse [Flash Fiction 2 of 3]

For Better or Worse The stars above, different. Not hers. She laid, bedroll disheveled around her legs. Struggles awash in a waking mind. Home, Earth was gone, too far to reach had it still been there. The little shuttle, the captain who lost her ship. Three months; food, water…priorities. Then the traders’ vessel, the convoy. … Continue reading

Deficiencies [Flash Fiction 1 of 3]

Recently, I entered a local flash fiction contest. Write a story in 99 words or less, “Make us weep, laugh, scratch our heads“. Sounded like fun and WoW what a challenge, especially since most flash fiction flirts between 300 to 1000 words. So, I wrote three and sent them in. Unfortunately, none of them were chosen … Continue reading

This Little Blue Pill

Inspiration provided by yet another thought-provoking Daily Prompt suggestion; Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill “If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?” ______________________________ “All it takes is one pill! That’s right, just one pill a … Continue reading

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