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An Object on Canvas

A Weekly Writing Challenge _______________________________ Clouds rose above, their white bodies billowing into a blue sky. Below, surrounded by unkempt fields, a farmhouse rested on the patch of land it laid claim to long ago. Its sun worn siding, its sagging roof sliding into weeping eaves, the old house seemed too tired to stand for … Continue reading


Here’s my stab at Gonzo Journalism Fiction. Inspired by this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge. ______________________ “Thanks, Jerry,” I said taking the crime report Officer Reynolds slid across the counter, our daily routine. Stepping over a set of outstretched, denim legs, their owner laid out into one of the hard plastic waiting room chairs. He looked … Continue reading

These Boots done did their Walkin’

Inspired by the folks over at WordPress’ Daily Writing Prompt They lie there, dust embedded within their leathery pores, deep in folded crevasses fading the dark brown skin they once had. Laces hold the rest together despite bearing eyelet, polished wear and fraying along their length. While replaced only once, they have seen their fair share. Upturned, … Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge: Through the Door

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge imagines; The door to your house/flat/apartment/abode has come unstuck in time. The next time you walk through it, you find yourself in the same place, but a different time entirely. Where are you, and what happens next? I wrestled to comprehend. A paper bag full of groceries, milk, bananas, a … Continue reading

Weekly Writing Challenge April 22nd: Hollywood Violence Begets Real World Violence?

For this week’s writing challenge exploring whether or not violence on television or film contribute to violence in the real world.  White bursts flashed across the screen illuminating his face, his eyes set, drawn into the scene before him. Sharp repeated blasts reverberated throughout the room from hidden, surround sound speakers engulfing him in the … Continue reading

Weekly Challenge 4/15: The Poem Store, the Place & the Thing

The weekly writing challenge for April 15, 2013 The Person, She passed by, staying to the concrete path off the grass. Sitting on the plaza’s green grounds a book in my lap. I doubt she would have drawn much notice away from my pages save the rustle of her long, brown, ruffled skirt against blue … Continue reading

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