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Being a Good Writer is…

It is quite possible I can WHOLLY relate this sentiment. _______________________________ Follow on Twitter , Facebook & Pinterest

Memorable Quotes

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don’t feel I should be doing something else. “ – Gloria Steinem                        ____________________________              _______________________________ Follow on Twitter , Facebook & Pinterest

Memorable Quotes: Blasts from the Past

“Prune what is turgid, elevate what is commonplace, arrange what is  disorderly, introduce rhythm where the language is harsh, modify where it is too absolute.” ~ Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, circa 65 A.D. _____________________________ “And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s  pen turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothings a … Continue reading

Memorable Quotes: The Short Story

“You learn by writing short stories.  Keep writing short stories.  The  money’s in novels, but writing short stories keeps your writing lean and pointed.” ~ Larry Niven __________________ “Short stories are designed to deliver their impact in as few pages as  possible.  A tremendous amount is left out, and a good short story  writer learns to … Continue reading

Memorable Quotes: Dialogue

“Dialogue is not just quotation. It is grimaces, pauses, adjustments of blouse buttons, doodles on a napkin, and crossings of legs.” ~Jerome Stern, Making Shapely Fiction, 1991 ____________________ “What counts is not what is said but the effects of what is meant.”  ~ Sol Stein, Stein on Writing, 1995 _______________________________ Follow on Twitter & Facebook

8 News Years Resolutions for Writers

Read More Ray Bradbury called this Feeding the Muse in his book “Zen in the Art of Writing”. He suggests reading poetry “because it flexes muscles you don’t use often enough. It keeps you aware of your nose, your eyes, your ear, your tongue, your hand.” He advised finding “books to improve your color sense, … Continue reading

Writing Quotes: 2 Don’ts & a couple of Do’s

“Never use the word, ‘very.’ It is the weakest word in the English language; doesn’t mean anything. If you feel the urge of ‘very’ coming on, just write the word, ‘damn,’ in the place of ‘very.’ The editor will strike out the word, ‘damn,’ and you will have a good sentence.” ~William Allen White         _______________________ … Continue reading

Memorable Quote: Why Write?

“To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make. “ – Truman Capote “…it’s fun. I do have fun writing, and a long time ago, I told myself, ‘You got to have fun at this, or it’ll drive you nuts.’” – Elmore Leonard ____________________ “The best … Continue reading

You are always you, wherever you are

“Well I want to go to South America.” “Listen, Robert, going to another country doesn’t make any difference. I’ve tried all that. You can’t get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” “But you’ve never been to South America.” “South America hell! If you went there the way you feel now it … Continue reading

For anyone interested in self-publishing

Self-publishing has grown significantly over the past few years and many new and established authors are delving into it. I’ve been doing a fair amount of research into this nontraditional form of publishing for my own writings. Since so much interest has been generated of late I thought I’d let people know about a HuffPost … Continue reading

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