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Life Finds a Way

“Life finds a way”. Yeah I know, cheesy quote from Jurassic Park but it was fitting. I have discovered the secret to gardening. Well, that is how I’m apparently supposed to garden. And it seems that strategy is to do absolutely nothing, not even to plant anything! After about 3 years of trying to grow green … Continue reading

Arizona Recollections: Sedona Sunrise

  RED SAND RISING The fire rises sending the dark into hues of purple, crimson, orange and yellow. A trailing line of bright blue expands to take over the endless ceiling above. Out of the dark and lit by the fire, the red sand rises from the green floor. Pillars of red ascend reaching for … Continue reading

Arizona Recollections

WHIRLWIND Imagine…a warm, desert breeze streaming in through the open window in silent gusts. The drapery whips following its path. Thunder rolls across your ears from the monsoon flowing down the distant mountains. Wind slides past your face, through your hair, leaving its dry scent on your skin. Outside, dark clouds illuminate with erratic bolts … Continue reading

Spiders Abound

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Getting out for the day

    Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Located 12 miles south of Eureka, CA just off the 101 Highway. ________________________________ Follow on Twitter

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