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My Novelette “Late Season Rains” eBook now available

My first novelette “Late Season Rains”, is now available as an ebook for just $0.99. The cover image will take you to its Amazon page. If you do not have an eReader, eBooks can be stored and read through Amazon’s Cloud on any device from a tablet to a laptop to a smartphone. After reading please return to the Amazon page to rate … Continue reading

“Late Season Rains” now available on Amazon

My first self-published, full length short story, Late Season Rains, is now up and ready for Kindle digital download on Amazon for only $0.99. Click the image below for the story’s page. Please feel free to rate it and provide feedback. Preview for Late Season Rains: The last seaward bend in the road showed how close they … Continue reading

In the Raven’s Eye

He strode up the small hill, a breeze turning the high grasses into rolling waves, swells sent across the sweeping expanse of the veldt all around him. Surprised at even being here, he was one hill rise away from the place he first read about in a creased and crumpled issue of The Saturday Evening … Continue reading

Islands of Light [Part 2]

Be sure to read Part 1 for the full story from the beginning. The melange of echoes faded escaping the tunnel the way he’d come. Barrow stopped, listening for the man to give himself away, a breath, a misstep. He inched a step further, then one more, a metal clamor broke free from his last step, a … Continue reading

Islands of Light [Part I]

His lantern barely repelled the darkness but Barrow was obligated to keep going. He’d caught the man in the act and having given pursuit this far he couldn’t bring himself to turn round now, not when the suspect’s fleeing steps still echoed from the black. He adjusted his bowler, tightened his fist around the billy’s … Continue reading

The Third Choice

He opened his eyes, felt the cushioned crunch of pine needles under him. The trees rose into a entwined lattice above eclipsing much of the sky to him. Lying mingled in the acrid scents of the pines and rich earth he felt accosted by both almost tasting each on his tongue. His hand rose to … Continue reading


Here’s my stab at Gonzo Journalism Fiction. Inspired by this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge. ______________________ “Thanks, Jerry,” I said taking the crime report Officer Reynolds slid across the counter, our daily routine. Stepping over a set of outstretched, denim legs, their owner laid out into one of the hard plastic waiting room chairs. He looked … Continue reading

Routine Chance

He looked like Marlin Brando in The Wild One in that hardened, black leather, motorcycle jacket that creaked when he moved but his blue skin and hairless head didn’t make the cut. Neither did the hissing, white-faced monkey scurrying back and forth across his shoulders for that matter. Roger couldn’t understand what the stranger said … Continue reading

I’m a Killer

I’m a killer. That is, I have killed. I’ve lost count of how many, never bothered to keep track. Why would I? They were the ones who decided to come, to invade. What else was I to do? What else would any of us do under such circumstances? I thought they were gone, that they’d … Continue reading

Obligation [Short fiction]

The sword hung from his hand, its tip buried in the earth. Chest heaving under his breastplate, breath misting before his blood streaked face, he lingered over the armored figure cast face down, deep in the mud where it had fallen. The deed was done. . . . _______________________ I’ve been reading and watching Game … Continue reading

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