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Arizona Recollections: Sedona Sunrise




The fire rises sending the dark into hues of purple, crimson, orange and yellow. A trailing line of bright blue expands to take over the endless ceiling above. Out of the dark and lit by the fire, the red sand rises from the green floor. Pillars of red ascend reaching for the expanding blue as shadows of black stretch away, escaping the (eastern) fire from the east. The brilliance bathes the red rocks as they spread towards the warmth. Green cling and claw at their bases restraining the red sand’s rise.

Red against brilliant blue

Translucent wisps caress the red and green’s struggles for the blue. It winds a path along the sheer edges of the canyon enveloping the pillars. As gracefully as they appeared, the wisps vanish with the encroaching.

The fire illuminates the red and green’s battle driving toward the reoccurring stalemate. Both give to the other whims as the blue captures the ceiling for itself delivering warmth to each, attaining a harmonic balance.

Undulating shapes

The flowing red molds itself into organic imitations. Encephalized figures appear, contorted by ancient flows, shaping them as clay. The red adobe relinquished itself to the ancients’ hands and obeyed their will, bending and smoothing to the imposing forces. A play of light, shadow and shape, a gift to the imagination’s eye.

Sunrise in Sedona

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4 thoughts on “Arizona Recollections: Sedona Sunrise

  1. Such beautiful descriptions! I love the alliteration too, it caught my attention.

    Posted by bellelangley | April 5, 2014, 10:49 am

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