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“Late Season Rains” now available on Amazon

My first self-published, full length short story, Late Season Rains, is now up and ready for Kindle digital download on Amazon for only $0.99. Click the image below for the story’s page. Please feel free to rate it and provide feedback. Preview for Late Season Rains: The last seaward bend in the road showed how close they … Continue reading

Arizona Recollections

WHIRLWIND Imagine…a warm, desert breeze streaming in through the open window in silent gusts. The drapery whips following its path. Thunder rolls across your ears from the monsoon flowing down the distant mountains. Wind slides past your face, through your hair, leaving its dry scent on your skin. Outside, dark clouds illuminate with erratic bolts … Continue reading

Mountain Lake Mirror

The Daily Prompt’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection Upper Trail Lake, Moose Pass, Alaska, About 30 miles north of Seward along the Seward Highway. _______________________________ Follow on Twitter , Facebook & Pinterest

In the Raven’s Eye

He strode up the small hill, a breeze turning the high grasses into rolling waves, swells sent across the sweeping expanse of the veldt all around him. Surprised at even being here, he was one hill rise away from the place he first read about in a creased and crumpled issue of The Saturday Evening … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Beach Swing This week’s Photo Challenge: Abandon _______________________________ Follow on Twitter , Facebook & Pinterest

Islands of Light [Part 2]

Be sure to read Part 1 for the full story from the beginning. The melange of echoes faded escaping the tunnel the way he’d come. Barrow stopped, listening for the man to give himself away, a breath, a misstep. He inched a step further, then one more, a metal clamor broke free from his last step, a … Continue reading

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