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Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

From our friends at WordPress’ Daily Prompt

“When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?”

My Writing Space_smallA blast of inspiration or the shock of that long awaited epiphany can hit just about anywhere but where and when are they fostered into something meaningful? Where and when does the embodiment of that inspiration develop?

That poignant place and time where the best flows unencumbered proves a challenge for some to discover, while others suffer from no such impedance, able to create anyplace or anytime they find themselves. It is the former where I find myself most often while the latter feels the force of my envy.

Now, I feel fortunate to have found that spot in place and time… a few times actually. For some reason it keeps changing on me. Back in college, the best was late at night, a beer on the desk next to me and a fiction writing class deadline some, short hours away. Later, it was at a cheap, particle-board computer desk in the living room, early evening (usually) with Celtic or Latin music in the background. Then the local coffee shop or the public library ensconced within a cubicle desk. There was even a time when a Tuesday night, settled into a small corner at my town’s blues/jazz bar worked well for drink-napkin philosophizing.

But now, that where and when has settled into sweet, disturbance-free mundanity. These days I ease down into a large, high-backed office chair, pull myself deep into a behemoth of an old railroad desk to spread out across its fourteen square feet of desktop space – seventeen if I use the two pullouts flanked on either side of me. Late morning to late afternoon have become the best, most creative span of time to think, to write… something, anything worthwhile.

No more late nights with a bottle of brew for company. My girlfriend would say, “That’s because you’re an old man.” I’d say it’s because… well, I wouldn’t really say anything because she’s probably right.

But I’m still a sucker for a good ole, impending deadline!

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