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Memorable Quotes: Blasts from the Past

“Prune what is turgid, elevate what is commonplace, arrange what is  disorderly, introduce rhythm where the language is harsh, modify where it is too absolute.” ~ Marcus Fabius Quintilianus, circa 65 A.D. _____________________________ “And as imagination bodies forth the forms of things unknown, the poet’s  pen turns them to shapes, and gives to airy nothings a … Continue reading

The Third Choice

He opened his eyes, felt the cushioned crunch of pine needles under him. The trees rose into a entwined lattice above eclipsing much of the sky to him. Lying mingled in the acrid scents of the pines and rich earth he felt accosted by both almost tasting each on his tongue. His hand rose to … Continue reading


Here’s my stab at Gonzo Journalism Fiction. Inspired by this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge. ______________________ “Thanks, Jerry,” I said taking the crime report Officer Reynolds slid across the counter, our daily routine. Stepping over a set of outstretched, denim legs, their owner laid out into one of the hard plastic waiting room chairs. He looked … Continue reading

Memorable Quotes: After the Rejection

“I wrote poems in my corner of the Brooks Street station. I sent them to two editors who rejected them right off. I read those letters of rejection years later and I agreed with those editors.”  ~ Carl Sandburg ____________________ “Was I bitter? Absolutely. Hurt? You bet your sweet ass I was hurt. Who doesn’t … Continue reading

Routine Chance

He looked like Marlin Brando in The Wild One in that hardened, black leather, motorcycle jacket that creaked when he moved but his blue skin and hairless head didn’t make the cut. Neither did the hissing, white-faced monkey scurrying back and forth across his shoulders for that matter. Roger couldn’t understand what the stranger said … Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

From our friends at WordPress’ Daily Prompt:  “When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is?” A blast of inspiration or the shock of that long awaited epiphany can hit just about … Continue reading

Memorable Quotes: The Short Story

“You learn by writing short stories.  Keep writing short stories.  The  money’s in novels, but writing short stories keeps your writing lean and pointed.” ~ Larry Niven __________________ “Short stories are designed to deliver their impact in as few pages as  possible.  A tremendous amount is left out, and a good short story  writer learns to … Continue reading

I’m a Killer

I’m a killer. That is, I have killed. I’ve lost count of how many, never bothered to keep track. Why would I? They were the ones who decided to come, to invade. What else was I to do? What else would any of us do under such circumstances? I thought they were gone, that they’d … Continue reading

Memorable Quotes: Dialogue

“Dialogue is not just quotation. It is grimaces, pauses, adjustments of blouse buttons, doodles on a napkin, and crossings of legs.” ~Jerome Stern, Making Shapely Fiction, 1991 ____________________ “What counts is not what is said but the effects of what is meant.”  ~ Sol Stein, Stein on Writing, 1995 _______________________________ Follow on Twitter & Facebook

8 News Years Resolutions for Writers

Read More Ray Bradbury called this Feeding the Muse in his book “Zen in the Art of Writing”. He suggests reading poetry “because it flexes muscles you don’t use often enough. It keeps you aware of your nose, your eyes, your ear, your tongue, your hand.” He advised finding “books to improve your color sense, … Continue reading

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