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Had to see a man about a pumpkin

Pumkin Patch sign

Here, out and about just a bit north of our little Northern California town, out where grass-fed cows roam, down near the river, is where to find our pumpkin guy’s farm.

Pumkin Patch crowd

A big pumpkin patch where we’ve been coming to since we moved here. Families make it a full event bringing the kids, some lil’uns picking their very first pumpkins, while others come decked out in costume all to find the best specimen for the perfect jack-o’-lantern or to get lost among the green stalks in the corn maze.

Pumkin Patch crowd 2

Sunflowers sprinkled about mingle with pumpkins of a myriad of shape and color.

Sunflower Trio

Colored Pumpkins Trio

In the Palm of the Hand

Lil_un on fence post


This year I spotted him. I’ve only heard stories of him wandering the fields in the late afternoons, making himself visible only to a few but I caught him this year, the Ghost of the Mad Hatter trudging through the patch on a mission he alone knows.

Ghost of the Mad Hatter dbl

We were not without an audience.


Our small haul, for baking purposes. The hunt for our carve-worthy ones will come just before Halloween.

Pie makin pumpkins

Warm apple cider pressed from the orchard-plucked apples themselves and a pumpkin cupcake made from our harvest.

Cider_pumkin cupcake


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