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This Little Blue Pill

Inspiration provided by yet another thought-provoking Daily Prompt suggestion;

Little Blue PillDaily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

“If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?”


“All it takes is one pill!

That’s right, just one pill a day and no more hours out of your busy, busy schedule fixing meals,

no more shelling out for overpriced restaurants, no more regrets over greasy fast food.

Just take one pill when you wake up and that’s it!”

I watch the infomercial announcer, little blue pill between thumb and forefinger, plop the little azure sphere into his mouth eyes wide with rehearsed amazement and practiced grin across his face. He reaches for a glass of water off camera and swallows heartily, a triumphant, “Aaah,” to bring the feat to a close. 

I watch the man in the puff-blue suit and black bow-tie all smiles and glee prancing on the TV screen mounted to the wall trying to persuade me with the allure of saved time throughout my busy day not making meals from real food if I only pop his glorious, wonder pill.

I watch him between glances to the cutting board as I dice a red bell pepper, miniature hor d’ourves bowls lined in front cradling chopped shallots, minced carrots, squared fresh roma tomatoes and sliced wedges of lime.

I watch and listen as I turn to my girlfriend pressing pasta through her do-anything stand-mixer, fresh pasta from scratch, the cobbling together of flour and egg. Mixed, mashed, left to rise with the barest of essential warmth then teased, prodded and flattened, made ready for the rollers that stretch and slice into thin noodles prepped for a boil.

I listen as everything is combined. The chopped and cut veggies tossed in with diced breasts of chicken sauteed and stirred around the rotund bowl pot, flavors awash on the air.

I listen as plates are set out layered in noodles speckled in green and red, utensils are laid, fluted glasses are filled, succulence billowing upon wafts of steam.

I watch as the jovial man in puff-blue points at me through the screen, “This is for you!” I grin. I glance to my girlfriend and with a kiss, I sit at the table laid out with our wondrous concoctions.

And all it takes is this little blue pill!

I watch as, with a light press of a button, the man on the screen is winked away, silenced. I lift a fork, wound noodles and peppers captured in its tines, savoring the aroma and finally indulging in the taste. I close my eyes and relish the fruits of our efforts.

All it takes is this little blue pill…

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7 thoughts on “This Little Blue Pill

  1. I actually enjoy cooking when I’m preparing a meal with my family. It’s not just the eating I would miss but also the quality time spent preparing a delicious feast.

    Posted by JD | June 4, 2013, 6:34 pm
  2. Thanks for the pingback!

    Posted by BTCarter | June 4, 2013, 10:17 pm


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