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THE ZONE: a daily prompt post

The Daily Prompt for June 2, 2013

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

Falling into the Writing Zone;

My Writing SpaceThe fostering of an idea is where it begins, then a picture is conjured in the mind, sometimes eyes shut but often times not. The weedeater buzzing outside, my dog in the other room whimpering and running in his sleep drift into an increasingly muffled background. My desk, the wall its pushed up against fall away, giving in to a scene coalescing to a filmstrip running before my eyes, rolling type on the computer screen transparently superimposed upon the scene taking shape.

The descriptions flow. I see the heel-toe strut of a security guard on his nightly rounds fondling his way along the corridor.

A girl loses herself, swallowed by the obese leather chair, the top of her head and book peeking over the overstuffed arm.

There, through the clear café windows, bundled against a cool wind, he shuffles passed huddled within a long pixel-checkered trenchcoat, a matted blue and red, plaid scarf tucked inside visible at his neck, a lined, worn face with dark warm eyes absorbing their surroundings set below the duckbill cap pulled down tight to his forehead.

On an isolated outcrop, poised at the precipice of the sea, trees surrounding the grounds forever cast in windswept gale silhouettes, the house stood in contrast, a molded, white canvass set within a medium of dark viridian hues. Its solitude unbecoming for some, comforting to others.

Finding that point to jump off into the zone has proven difficult of late. When I was younger, living alone in a small two-room apartment, late evening creeping in, half a bottle of beer set alongside the keyboard, I was able to fall in and escape so easily. Yet now, years later, two decades and counting, my mind creates reasons to restrain the fall. There are distractions, errands and household duties left ’til later, after writing yet they pace frustratingly close, grasping my collar at the moment of full immersion.

Yet despite the accumulated worries and busied mental distractions, that precious moment of free fall into inspiration does eventually arrive, previous efforts are proven worthwhile and the wish for productive creation is fulfilled.

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